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Priest Criticizes “Egotism” of Nicaraguan Opposition Leaders

Priest Uriel Vallejos reproached certain opposition “pseudo-politicians” who “travel the planet” with “banal speeches" in name of the Nicaraguan people

Artistic figures participate in a presentation held in the “San Isidro Labrador” Church in the Costa Rican canton of Vasquez de Coronado, in San Jose province. Photo: Jeffrey Arguedas / EFE

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16 de abril 2024


 Exiled and denationalized Nicaraguan priest Uriel Vallejos used part of his Sunday sermon on April 14 to criticize the “ambition and egotism” of some Nicaraguan opposition leaders. After six years of constant crisis in Nicaragua, where Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega has governed since 2007, these leaders haven’t yet found a way to unite.  Father Uriel accused them of “living off the pain of others.”

Vallejos, who is exiled in Costa Rica, pronounced this sermon before hundreds of Nicaraguans during a Mass held in the San Isidro Labrador Church in Costa Rica’s Vazquez de Coronado canton, part of the San Jose province. The priest continued: “because of the errors of that false opposition, we’ve seen Bishops imprisoned, communications outlets censored, many forced into exile, among other things.”

“Jesus had only 12 disciples, one of whom betrayed him, and one denied him. How many traitors then does my poor country of Nicaragua have – not from the band we traditionally accuse [government] but also among those 200 groups that say they’re fighting for her?” the priest asked.

Leaders urged to fight against egotism

Vallejos said those 200 NGOs and opposition groups that say they’re fighting for Nicaragua, “is as if we had 250 tribes, each one with its cacique; and each cacique with the sin of pride and the mentality of wanting to rule over everyone.” He advocated for “fighting the egotism that hides in those who don’t want to give up what they have.”

He also criticized the organizations that fill out token stories and testimonies, or make lists of those attending their events, in order to sustain financing they receive from the international community in the name of the Nicaraguan exiles.

The exiled, the banished and the stateless Nicaraguans, “in reality receive absolutely nothing, not even the crumbs,” from these activities, the priest denounced.

Nicaraguan priest Uriel Vallejos reads his sermon in the “San Isidro Labrador” Church in San Jose province, Costa Rica. Courtesy photo / Voces en Libertad

Vallejos went on to reproach opposition “pseudo-politicians,” who travel “the length and breadth of the planet” with their “banal discourses” in the name of Nicaraguans. He railed against those politicians, who accuse the bishops, priests and religious leaders of keeping silent and fearful in the face of the Ortega-Murillo regime.

“As if we had been consecrated [as religious leaders] to live from politics! Don’t be deceived. We were consecrated to announce and denounce the truth, and through the errors of that false opposition we’ve had bishops imprisoned, media outlets censored and forced into exile, among other things,” he accused.

Vallejos’ message to such opposition leaders was: “Don’t live off the pain of others and confront straight on the problem that we’re experiencing today.”

Advocates for “sincere unity”

Vallejos noted that six years have now passed since Nicaraguans manifested their opposition to Ortega with massive street protests. Despite this: “the persecution doesn’t cease. Today, we can’t say that it’s the exclusive fault of the ancient Nero, but also “it’s the fault of our daily discords, our predatory behaviors, our lack of empathy with the pain of our nation.”

He advocated for a “sincere unity” and to have the “Judas’ to seek their place after receiving their 30 coins, and stop being a source of dicord.”

Nicaragua has been engulfed in a social and political crisis since April 2018. The crisis escalated further after the highly questioned general elections of November 2021, in which Daniel Ortega had himself reelected for a fifth term – four of them consecutive – with his principal contenders in prison.

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