Ukraine Issues Protest Letter to Nicaragua Over Visit of Russian Delegation From Crimea

Russian delegation signed an agreement between the Nicaraguan city of Granada and Yalta, in the occupied region of Ukraine

The head of the Administration of the Russian-installed city of Yalta, Yanina Pavlenko, and the mayor of Grenada, Rosario Caldera, signed a twinning agreement between the two cities. Photo: Taken from Twitter

5 de febrero 2024


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine sent a formal note of protest to the Government of Nicaragua for the visit of a delegation of administration representatives installed by Moscow in the annexed peninsula of Crimea.

The Ukrainian Ministry informed about it this weekend and specified that the protest was notified last January 31 through a communiqué.

According to the note, the delegation's visit to the country took place on January 23 to sign agreements on economic and trade cooperation and a twin-town relationship between the cities of Yalta (Crimea) and Granada (Nicaragua).

The Ministry stressed that “such actions on the part of Nicaragua seriously infringe the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, the legislation of Ukraine, as well as the rules of international law, in particular the Charter of the United Nations.”

“The Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol are an indivisible part of the territory of Ukraine,” he added and noted that therefore the representatives of the “Russian occupation” lack legal personality to represent it.

Ortega's Regime Supports Russia

The National Assembly of Nicaragua approved last Thursday, February 1, a declaration condemning alleged crimes against humanity committed by Ukraine in the defense war against Russia.

The political declaration was approved with the vote of 81 Sandinista deputies and their allies who have an absolute majority in the Parliament, with 10 abstentions out of 91 legislators.

The Nicaraguan legislators also urged the governments and parliaments of the world, as well as the international community, “to condemn these acts which are crimes against humanity by the Kyiv regime and which violate the rights of children.”

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