Rosario Murillo Calls Miss Universe Victory Celebration "Destructive Coup"

“Stop manhandling the well-deserved triumphs of a pretty girl to hide your insignificance and incapacity,” said Murillo

Rosario Murillo and Daniel Ortega watch a police parade, on the evening of September 11, 2023. Photo: Taken from El 19 Digital

24 de noviembre 2023


The vice president and spokeswoman for the Ortega dictatorship, Rosario Murillo, lashed out against the celebrations in Nicaragua for the triumph of Sheynnis Palacios as the new Miss Universe. She described them as “fabricated provocations” of those who, according to her, “intend to turn a beautiful and well-deserved moment of pride and celebration into a destructive coup d’état mentality.” 

“We see the rude taking advantage and the rough and evil terrorist communication that pretends to turn a lovely and well-deserved moment of pride and celebration into a destructive coup d’état mentality. Or a turning the clock back, which is impossible, to the unfortunate, egotistical, and the criminal practices of those who, as vampires and opportunists, have used the people,” Murillo assured.

Following the naming of the Nicaraguan representative as Miss Universe 2023, thousands of Nicaraguans took to the country’s streets to shout cheers and wave the national flag joyfully. The gesture of patriotism was a relief for Nicaragua, which has lived more than five years in a de facto police state.

The celebration continued with two artists from Esteli started painting a mural in homage to Sheynnis Palacios on November 21. However, police officers arrived at the site and prohibited them from continuing. “That’s as far as the mural went. We had the intentions of finishing, we kept our word, but the authorities did not allow us to continue,” posted one of the artists on his Instagram and TikTok accounts. Hours later, they painted the wall where they had started the work white, according to complaints on social networks. The prohibition of the painting of a mural dedicated to Miss Universe reminded Nicaraguans of the permanent surveillance in which they live, and that -despite the recess for the historic conquest of a crown- it grows day by day.

Mural pintado en Estelí en homenaje a Sheynnis Palacios
Mural that was being painted in Esteli in homage to the Nicaraguan Sheynnis Palacios, crowned Miss Universe 2023. The police prevented the artists from completing the mural, and the wall was repainted in white. // Photo: Screenshot on social networks.

“They should stop miss handling the triumphs,” says Rosario Murillo.

Murillo said in her November 22nd monologue that “the conceited, the insanely evil, should stop taking advantage of so much beauty, joy, and Nicaraguan talent.”

“They should stop manhandling the deserved triumphs of a pretty girl, to hide their insignificance and incapacity, and to cloud our blessed waters with their ridiculous and corny delusions,” she said.

The six-page statement in which the regime does not directly name the new Miss Universe or the pageant contrasts with the congratulatory communication published over the weekend in which they pointed out that “Nicaragua is celebrating with its queen!”.

“Nicaragua celebrates with legitimate pride and joy the crowning of its beautiful representative, Sheynnis Palacios Cornejo, as Miss Universe,” the regime had said in a press release.

Murillo insists on attempted coup d’état

Murillo’s statement blames the alleged “coup” plan on “outlaws and ungrateful, now stateless people,” to whom she warns she will not admit their “treacherous intentions.”

“Any cowardly plan bereft of ideas, ideals, values, and leaders; any diabolical and malevolent plan (…) will never be Nicaraguan. They are only foolish, clumsy, criminal plots of destructive racketeers that pretend to threaten the beautiful shine of beauty and peace”, she insisted.

She disrespects Nicaragua’s patriotic symbols again

In Murillo’s communiqué, published by the Ortega propaganda media and reproduced by CONFIDENCIAL for a historical record, the vice president and spokeswoman also altered the lyrics of the National Anthem of Nicaragua, reading a lyric of her invention: “Here no longer roars / the voice of Violence / nor does the blood of brothers stain / our glorious bicolor flag. // Long Live Blessed Nicaragua, / Christian, in Solidarity, / Beautiful, Sovereign, Dignified, / Always Free! // Long Live Nicaraguan Families! / Long Live Peace!” (sic).

The National Anthem of Nicaragua is the patriotic song “Hail to thee, Nicaragua!” with lyrics approved by Executive Decree Number 3, October 20, 1939, according to Law No. 1908, on features and use of the national symbols.

Article 67 of Law 1908, on the features and use of patriotic symbols, establishes that “it is strictly forbidden to alter the lyrics or music of the National Anthem and to perform it totally or partially in compositions or arrangements.”

Murillo previously altered the National Emblem, created by decree on September 5, 1908, when the FSLN returned to power, and printed on all official communications and state institutions a version baptized by Nicaraguans as the “psychedelic emblem.” In it, she printed colors and components different from those approved for the national symbol and the legend “United, Nicaragua Triumphs!” (sic) in reference to the party alliance of the Government party she controls with her husband, dictator Daniel Ortega.

In this action, Murillo also violated the law on patriotic symbols, establishing that “any reproduction of the National Emblem must match faithfully what is ordered in the present law,” which gives the instructions and details of its appearance.

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