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Ministry of the Interior to Control All Public Events and Performances in Nicaragua

The Ortega regime orders the creation of a registry of "producers, promoters and organizers of activities, events and public artistic performances"

View of a concert at the "Sovereignty" Stadium in Managua. Photo: Presidental Office

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19 de marzo 2024


The Ministry of the Interior (MINT) issued a regulation that allows it to authorize, control and monitor any "activity, event or public artistic performance" that takes place in Nicaragua, according to Ministerial Agreement 05-2024, published in the Official Gazette on Tuesday, March 12, 2024.

The regulation will apply to all "national and international individuals and legal entities" who are engaged "in the production, promotion and organization of public artistic performances" in Nicaragua. A registry will be created, overseen by the MINT. 

The dictatorship claims that this regulation is intended to "guarantee the security of citizens, the State and the internal order in the national territory."

Public events and performances will require MINT authorization

The MINT granted itself several faculties, among them the power to assure that any potential "activity, event or public performance" complies with newly established requirements before authorizing it to happen. One requirement is full identity and legal information on "producers, promoters and organizers" of events. 

The MINT also has the power to "apply sanctions" for "non-compliance with the provisions of these regulations." The regulation doesn't detail what is considered an infraction, nor what type of punishment it would receive.

In the section on "obligations", however, there is a warning to "refrain from intervening in, financing, or promoting issues, activities or topics of internal and external politics, or activities that generate political proselytism."

The regulation states that the MINT will coordinate "with the appropriate authorities" to ensure compliance with the regulations, although they do not define which institutions would be involved.

View of the "Most massive marimba dance" in Masaya, in December 2023. Photo: Taken from El 19 Digital

Requirements to be included in the new registry

The regulation establishes that foreign citizens and companies must "partner" with a Nicaraguan living in the country "to carry out these types of activities" in Nicaragua.

Both foreigners and Nicaraguans must register themselves, with no fees, in the new MINT registry office. Successful applicants will receive a "registration certificate" as evidence of their registration.  

The requirements for natural persons are as follows:

  • Registration application form, which can be obtained at MINT headquarters.
  • Valid Nicaraguan identity card.
  • In the case of non-Nicaraguan nationality: Identity card and photocopy of the biodata sheet of the passport. In the case of foreign residents of Nicaragua, a valid residence card issued by the General Directorate of Migration and Foreigners. You must also submit the data of the Nicaraguan artistic promoter or organizer.
  • Current taxpayer registration card (RUC).
  • Registration with the mayor's office, with a valid certificate of solvency.
  • Certificate of conduct from the National Police.

In the case of businesses or legal entities, the requirements are:

  • Registration application form, which can be obtained at MINT headquarters.
  • Current taxpayer registration card (RUC).
  • Registration with the mayor's office, with a valid certificate of solvency.
  • Public Deed of Incorporation and Bylaws, and when applicable, its amendments in which such deeds are modified in any way.
  • List of members of the Board of Directors, detailing names, positions, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail, original signatures of each member, with attached copies of legible and valid identity cards. In case any of the members are of another nationality, a copy of the biodata sheet of their passport and/or Nicaraguan residency card must be presented when applicable.
  • List of all members that are part of the business, detailing the names of associates, their addresses, phone numbers and identification numbers.
  • Power of attorney empowering the designated person to act on its behalf. Powers of attorney must be duly registered with the Public Mercantile Registry.
  • Identity card of the legal representative.
  • Certification of registration of final beneficiary. 

Notification required 30 days prior to any public performance

The new regulation establishes that in order to authorize an artistic performance, the MINT must be notified at least 30 days prior to the performance date.

The organizers must send the following information to the Ministry:

  • Date of activity.
  • Place or places where the activity will take place.
  • Start and end time.
  • Specific description of the event.
  • Technical equipment, vehicles or other items to be brought into the country, if necessary.
  • Name(s) of the artist(s) who will perform and participate.
  • Estimated number of participants.
  • Identification and contact information of the promoter(s) or organizer(s) of national artistic activities, events or shows.
  • Name of person in charge of the activity.

This information must be submitted prior to the activity, since in order to request an "authorization certificate", the organizers must comply with these additional requirements: 

  • Permit from the National Police.
  • Certificate from the General Directorate of Firefighters of Nicaragua.
  • Documents proving that the organizers are up-to-date in their payments to the General Revenue System, the General Customs Services System, and the corresponding mayor's office.

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