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Police detain Nicaraguan sociologist, 54, in Managua

The Ortega regime currently has 16 female political prisoners in the La Esperanza women’s penitentiary. The last 4 were abducted in August

Melba Damaris Hernandez

The sociologist and activist, Melba Damaris Hernández, was kidnapped Monday, August 28, by the Police, in Managua. Photo: Taken from social networks

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31 de agosto 2023


The Ortega regime Police detained the sociologist Melba Damaris Hernandez, 54, on Monday night August 28th. She had participated in the student marches held until 2020 on the campus of the recently confiscated Central American University (UCA), reported an opposition source. 

Hernandez became involved in civic protests in 2018. She was recognized for her great solidarity. She was always aware of relatives of political prisoners, she assisted young people who needed medicine, food or accommodation; She “was always looking for ways to help,” our source noted.

Melba is originally from Managua and had joined the Blue and White (UNAB) opposition group. She had been besieged by the Police, for which she had to move to a more secure home. Leaving the country was not in her plans for a “family matter.”

The sociologist always participated in sit-ins, pickets, and any act of civic resistance. When the UCA was the only safe space to raise her voice against the dictatorship, she did not hesitate to join those marches, the source said.

Almost 48 hours after her kidnapping, her relatives have not been able to confirm which police station she is in. However, the opponent and activist, Haydée Castillo, assured through her Twitter account that Melba Hernandez was transferred to the women’s prison, La Esperanza, in Tipitapa.

Sixteen female political prisoners

With Melba Hernandez there are four women kidnapped in August by the Ortega dictatorship, without a court order or knowing what they are being accused of.

Until July, the Mechanism for the Recognition of Political Prisoners counted 78 prisoners of conscience, including 12 women. Currently there would be a total of 16 female political prisoners.

Adela Espinoza Tercero, graduate of the Social Communication career at UCA; Gabriela Morales, from the canceled Juan Pablo II University, and Mayela Campos Silva, a third-year industrial engineering student at the National Engineering University (UNI), are the others detained by the Ortega regime this month. They were transferred to La Esperanza and the relatives hope to see them this Wednesday, August 30.

This article was originally published in Spanish in Confidencial and translated by Havana Times.


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