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"People Think All State Workers Are Fanatics of the Dictatorship"

Pablo is a doctor in a hospital in Granada. He is unhappy with the dictatorship's surveillance, the reason many of his colleagues have resigned

Doctor en Nicaragua cuenta cómo viven los trabajadores públicos bajo la dictadura


Redacción Confidencial

23 de abril 2024


Work has become a routine that I have to do to support my family. I repeat this to myself hundreds of times because the work environment in government institutions is getting increasingly burdensome, and there are days when I'd like to quit.

A few months ago I was about to quit everything and start a family business, but when I found out that they had reduced seniority severance pay for all public employees, I was disappointed and I didn't quit because it would have basically left me without any money to start my project.

As government workers, we've been suffering a series of violations that include not being allowed to leave the country, the monitoring of our social media, and unjustified dismissals. We also continue to be forced to participate in party activities.

Before 2018 at least we could sympathize with each other, but now we all have to keep quiet, because we don't know who is spying on us and might call us out just for complaining about something that the government is doing. That makes me very frustrated. They want to control everything and know how we think.

I've been working in a hospital for more than ten years and in the last two years I have seen many colleagues quit. They're fed up and prefer to be unemployed or earn less in another job, but at least have some freedom.

Sometimes people think we're blind and that we are all fanatics of this dictatorship. But there are more of us who disagree with all the government's killings, imprisonments and stealing. We realize no one is safe, not even those who have served them to commit their crimes.

All public workers are prisoners of the Sandinista party, and it is annoying that we have to participate in marches and political activities on a mandatory basis. They want us to believe that they are doing us a favor by employing us.

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