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Nicaragua: “Together We Can Achieve Significant Changes”

Message to Nicaraguans Gathered in Miami: “I invite you to unite in this struggle with an open heart and a mind focused on a better future.”

Bianca Jagger

18 de marzo 2024


Dear compatriots:  It is with a profound sense of urgency and hope that I address you at this critical moment for our Nicaragua. We face great challenges, but we could also seize this opportunity to transform our reality by coming together.

The need for unity is more evident than ever. If we remain divided and alone, we will not succeed in moving forward. We must set aside our differences and work together to achieve a common goal: the well-being of our people and the liberation of Nicaragua.

The repression of the Ortega and Murillo regime is relentless, and serious and systematic human rights violations and crimes against humanity continue. The international community has done a lot for Nicaragua; although some argue that they have not done enough. However, we must be aware that today they are facing serious geopolitical conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine. The international community and the Nicaraguan people expect and demand that we work together against the dictatorship of Ortega and Murillo.

It is crucial that the coordination of our efforts becomes a driving force to increase international pressure against the regime that oppresses our people. Only by coordinating efforts can we defeat their oppressive and criminal forces to achieve significant and irreversible changes.

We must be inclusive in our efforts. At this crucial moment, there is no place for internal divisions or the marginalization of those who think differently. Recognizing and respecting our differences is essential to build a solid and diverse foundation that can meet the challenges we face.

It is imperative to set aside the differences between left and right, between Sandinistas and Somoza supporters, between socialists, conservatives, and liberals. Nor should we forget the youth movements that are the future of our Nicaragua, as well as the brave Nicaraguan women who play a vital role in all aspects of our lives and in our struggle for justice and democracy. It is worth noting in this list the valuable contribution of our peasants, indigenous peoples, and Afro-descendants. Finally, I want to mention the valuable contribution of the Catholic Church and our brave bishops, priests, seminarians, and Sisters of Charity who continue to be victims of the relentless persecution of the Ortega and Murillo regime and let us not forget the Evangelical Pastors who are also victims of ruthless religious persecution in Nicaragua.

In the end, there are more aims that unite us than those that separate us. We are united by the common goal: to defeat the Ortega and Murillo regime to make possible the return of freedom, justice, and democracy to our country.

I recognize that achieving unity among all of us may seem insurmountable, but nothing is impossible if we are committed to achieving it. We must coordinate our efforts against the dictatorship. Each of us has a role to play in this struggle. Together we can achieve significant changes.

With determination, together we can overcome the obstacles that stand in our way to freedom. I invite you to unite in this struggle with an open heart and a mind focused on a better future for all Nicaraguans.

Together we are and will be stronger.

With hope and unity.

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Bianca Jagger

Bianca Jagger

Defensora de Derechos Humanos. Fundadora y presidenta de la Fundación Internacional Bianca Jagger de Derechos Humanos.