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Daniel Ortega’s son Laureano Repudiated in Madrid, Called a “Murderer”

The son of the presidential couple, sanctioned in the US, participated in Spain in the International Tourism Fair

Confidencial Digital

22 de enero 2020


The community of Nicaraguan exiles in Spain repudiated Tuesday the participation of Laureano Ortega Murillo, son of the presidential couple Ortega-Murillo, at the International Tourism Fair (Fitur) held in that country. “Murderer”, “murderer”, shouted the group while Laureano strolled through the Madrid City Council wearing a black suit.

Ortega Murillo, who was sanctioned for corruption by the US Department of the Treasury, arrived in Spain to promote tourism with Minister Anasha Campbell, but his compatriots reminded him that the people of Nicaragua are not yet recovering from the massacre perpetrated by the regime of his parents since April 2018.

Before the shouts of the exiles, the son of the dictator hurried to enter a room where the Spanish authorities offered a dinner for delegates from 165 countries participating in the fair. Meanwhile, the Spanish authorities dispersed the protest because the protesters did not have the required permission.


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The tourism fair in Spain will be held from January 22 to 26 and the presence of the sanctioned Laureano Ortega Murillo not only bothered the Nicaraguan diaspora. The Spanish Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Jose Ramón Bauza expressed in his Twitter account his rejection of such a visit.

“Shameful. Laureano Ortega, son of the dictators Ortega and Murillo, walks freely through Madrid. Spain and the European Union should no longer delay the limitations required by the European Parliament to prevent this from happening,” wrote the MEP.

On December 19th, the European Parliament passed a resolution titled “Situation of Human Rights and Democracy in Nicaragua”, in which it demands the Ortega regime cease the repression and resume political dialogue, the dismantling of paramilitaries, and the release of all political prisoners. It further proposed to send a delegation to Nicaragua that, among other issues, would evaluate the future of the Association Agreement from which Nicaragua could be suspended, according to the resolution passed against the dictatorship, which had 560 votes in favor, 12 against and 63 abstentions.



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