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Mexican President Lopez Obrador’s Praise for Donald Trump

Why does Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador praise the man who has most incited hatred against the community of Mexican origin in the United States?

Rubén Aguilar

11 de julio 2020


President Trump, the man who has most insulted and assaulted Mexico and Mexican migrants living in the United States, received the highest praise from López Obrador that a Mexican president has spoken in favor of his US counterpart.

In the middle of Trump’s reelection campaign, Lopez Obrador delivered a speech in Washington D.C. full of praise for the candidate. He joined the campaign in favor of the Republican. That’s why he was invited to the White House and he did not disappoint expectations.

Lopez Obrador made reference to a president of the United States, which in the case of Mexico does not exist, and stated: “You have not tried to treat us like a colony, but, on the contrary, you have honored our condition as an independent nation.”

This when in public Trump forced, under blackmail, that Lopez Obrador follow the immigration policy that Washington dictated to him. Now, on the instructions of the Mexican president, the National Guard is pursuing Central American migrants on the southern and northern borders in a radical change from what was Mexico’s historic immigration policy.

In front of the most aggressive US president against Mexico, Lopez Obrador said: “Instead of the Monroe Doctrine, you have followed, in our case, the wise advice of the illustrious President George Washington, who warned that nations should not take advantage of the misfortune of other peoples”.

He added that from Trump “instead of grievances towards myself and my country, we have received from you understanding and respect.” A conscious and obvious lie.


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Trump, in full campaign, took advantage of the event to launch positive messages to attract the 38 million persons of Mexican origin who live in the United States, when previously he has only dedicated himself to insulting and persecuting them.

The president who rebuilds the wall that divides the United States from Mexico only received praise from the Mexican president. Not one grievance.

Who did dare to denounce Trump’s treatment of the migrant community in general and the Mexican community in particular was Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate, who is between 10 and 14 points ahead of Trump [in the polls]. In a tweet, he wrote that the Republican “started his campaign in 2016 by calling Mexicans rapists. Since then he has spread racism against our Latino community. ”

The National Democratic Committee reminded Lopez Obrador of what, for fear of Trump, he does not dare to say: The Republican has a racist discourse. Mexican migrants have been the target of his hatred; he has separated families and he continues in his attempt to deport the dreamers, 70% of them Mexicans.

Why did Lopez Obrador lend himself to be used in the Trump campaign? Why is he always bowing to the orders of the US president? Why the excessive praise of a president who has most insulted and attacked Mexico? Why do you praise the person who has most incited hatred against the community of Mexican origin in the United States? History will judge you.


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Rubén Aguilar

Rubén Aguilar

Sociofundador de Afan Consultores Internacionales, S.C. Doctor en Ciencias Sociales. Profesor en el Departamento de Comunicaciones y Ciencias Políticas de la Universidad Iberoamericana. Publica semanalmente en diversos periódicos y revistas del país.